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A City Park. Or Rather The City Park of New Orleans

City Park is an amazing and large park with many areas to explore. Apparently, it’s in the top ten of largest parks in the United States. Of course, there were some specific things about City Park that I enjoyed.

morning-call-city-parkMorning Call for Beignets

I could hardly wait to try my first beignet, which is fried pastry with powdered sugar on top. I’m guessing the powdered sugar part is actually optional, but it was always supplied when I ordered them. Also, they came in threes and weren’t terribly expensive at all. A lot of people have heard of Café du Monde which is at the edge of the French Quarter and serves beignets. However, since I was within 10 minutes walk of Morning Call at City Park where I could also get beignets, I ended up going there, two times a day to get morning beignets and evening beignets.

Morning Call added to some of the charm of City Park. It was in the mission-style Casino Building at the southern end of the park. It was open 24 hours a day and catered to the occasional tour bus of visitors. It felt a little odd trying to order beignets, because there wasn’t really a designated place to get them when I wanted them to go. I walked in and stood near the counter area. It didn’t take long before a server came up to me and asked for my order. They were pretty friendly servers as well. I recommend a visit if you go to City Park.

bridges-and-bayou-city-parkBridges and Bayous

City Park includes an array of life and features that make it quite versatile and welcoming. At the southern end, there’s the Bayou Metairie that had a few bridges that crossed it entirely. There’s also a few bridges that went out to little islands on the edge of the bayou. All along the bayou and throughout other areas of the park, there are large, old oak trees with Spanish moss hanging down giving the trees a more complex textural appearance. All in all, the park felt like a wide area lush with beautiful greenery growing all around.

See a map of City Park on their webiste


Overflow is the name of this piece.

The Sculpture Garden

The Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden of the New Orleans Art Museum beautified a tiny portion of the park grounds. The garden straddled a waterway recreational boaters could take to get from lake to bayou. There were signs on one area of the shore the looked like a landing. However, the signs made it clear that boats shouldn’t dock there. The area was fenced in and could be closed off, so the garden did keep specific open hours (as opposed to the rest of the park that was accessible any time even if technically closed at certain hours).

The sculptures in the garden ranged from classic statues to abstract shapes. One of my favorites was the piece pictured here called Overflow. I think if I ever write a book about web content strategy, I’ll see if I can make this part of the cover. Other interesting sculptures included a stack of figures hunched and perched on one another like a fractal pole of shrinking figures and two geometric shapes representing people that were almost identical except for clear differences around gender anatomy that visually represented the concept of the minute difference between genders.

There were many other features of City Park too numerous to cover here, but I took a number of photos for you to enjoy.

See photos I took of City Park

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