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Monthly Archives: December 2018

Seeing Through The Brain Fog (Meditation)

I don’t think I ever knew what brain fog was until I started meditating daily. Even now, I can’t be entirely sure I know what it is. However, as you can see from the data (image below), I had a low point between two high points. That day, I had a very hard time meditating. […]

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Centered Soft Gaze (Meditation)

This is another way to think of the state of mind that meditation achieves. I noticed at one point that during meditation, it seemed like I was “gazing softly” at myself being in a body and could feel my consciousness in my head. I drifted between active focus and relaxed dreaming to maintain that perfect balance […]

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Rhythms, Alterations and Effects (Meditation)

Caffeine, fatigue and other problems may thwart your ability to be in a state of open focus or wonder. I’ve noticed that even with my techniques, general fatigue can make it harder to remain present. If I meditate at a particular time of the day when I feel exhausted or somewhat in need of rest, […]

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Being Embodied (Meditation)

I practiced my “it’s all connected” technique the next day and managed to increase the amount of time I stayed in open focus. As I did that, I felt a new sensation. A tingle came over my body: in my arms, in my back, up my neck, down my thighs. I realized I had rejected […]

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It’s All Connected (Meditation)

As I meditated more recently, I noticed that I didn’t need to hop around, so to speak, to notice my breath, my heartbeat, my body posture or the black space behind my eyes as separate things. I realized all of these things were interconnected. The space held the air I breathed, so I was connected […]

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