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Monthly Archives: August 2018

Worship and Prayer In Spirituality

Worship and prayer can be a part of spirituality, and it is part of some religions. However, it does not always take on the same meaning in each belief system. Deity worship is one example. This is where a person spends time honoring or praying to one or more divine beings. Venerating ancestors is another […]

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Extreme Ideals And Hidden Hate

It’s important to think about how ideal behavior can actually become hateful behavior. In my post two weeks about about the four ideals, I mentioned courage and strength, discipline and commitment, humility and patience as well as care and wisdom. Even though these seem like ideal behavior, some of them can become destructive in their […]

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The Hate Within

Some people think fear is the enemy of all good things, but I think hate is the real enemy. We can be afraid and still move forward. That is what courage is all about. Also, there are good times to be afraid, like if you encounter overwhelming odds or something life threatening. It’s important that […]

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Four Ideals

Across different belief systems are ideal qualities that each person should exhibit. These ideal qualities are about how we all behave, like speaking truthfully or obeying the law. There can be stories that help illustrate what it means to exhibit each quality. These stories provide the examples that help us understand what it means to […]

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