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Monthly Archives: July 2018

Church of Facebook, Community And Spirituality

The Church of Facebook by Jesse Rice came out October 2009, and it brings up some interesting observations about how technology has affected how we experience relationships. A book review by Danny Franks explains that Rice pulls out the “always on” mentality that Facebook (and other social media) have created for people. Rice explores this […]

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Exploring Self In The World With Feelings

It is important that we think more about how we can explore a meaningful connection with life through our experiences and emotions. In my post the Meaning of Life, I mentioned that “If life fails to deliver on our expectations, then we question those beliefs.” This mismatch between expectations and experiences is a gap between […]

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The Spiritual Relationship

Way back in April 2017, I defined spirituality as “having a relationship with life.” I now have a better understanding of what that really means. The relationship we have with life isn’t about what is true for everyone. It is about the truth each of us holds with the world around us. This is what […]

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To and from Europe with love

My trip to Europe in 2015 was wonderful, but it was also tinted with a little sadness. I just met my now husband back then only two and a half months before leaving. When I planned the trip, I was single and looked forward to going as a single man. However, when I left, I […]

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