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Monthly Archives: May 2018

Friends of friend in Berlin

A few times, I had dinner with my friend and his friends. It was a mix of coworkers and people he had met while living there. All of them spoke English, but many were originally from other non-anglo countries. I think the furthest non-angle but European country was Turkey. One of the first dinners I […]

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Monuments and sights in Berlin

There is quite a bit to see when you’re visiting Berlin. I’ve highlighted many of the monuments, memorials and other sights. However, there are still other things to see that I did not list here. If you ever go, prepare to have plenty to do. Brandenburg Gate and Berlin Wall I thought of only two […]

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Speaking German a little (and eating)

Everyone said I could speak English, but I tried speaking in German anyway. At least when I ordered food, I tried. Even then, I often asked “Sprechen Sie Englisch?” (my spelling is likely atrocious). Before going, I bought Rosetta Stone for German and practiced it a bit. I hardly got through any of it, though. […]

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The character of Berlin

When I got to Berlin, I quickly felt at home. Seriously, Berlin is a lot like Portland. First of all, it’s very green. There are many parks, and trees grow throughout the city. I’m sure if I had stood on a hill overlooking the city from one side, I would have seen more greenery than […]

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