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Monthly Archives: April 2018

First time traveling to Europe

I knew before I left for Europe that Germany and France are my inherited motherlands. My father’s side of my family is German descent and my mother’s is French. Ok, technically, we found out mom’s side is French Belgian, but essentially, that side is French. I didn’t try to seek out any possible family. Maybe […]

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Dreaming in Full Color

I had my first lucid dream at the beginning of this month. Did my mind April fool me? Was it a rebirth? Well, it was certainly impressive, and I’m excited to share the experience. What is a lucid dream? Mainly, it’s that you’re aware you’re dreaming. Ideally, it also means you can shape the content […]

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Shaming the Superficial

It doesn’t feel good to be judged, especially for something superficial. We have our natural hair color and eye color. We have our body type. We have our skin color. We also have our manner of speaking, how we move and what we wear on our bodies. None of these indicate our intelligence, loyalty, honesty, […]

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The Road to Hell

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. This can be traced back to various similar phrases going back at least as far as the twelfth century1. The idea is that our actions lead to consequences regardless of our intentions. Negligence is what this is all about. Negligence is when we fail […]

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Car in the Garage Smile

I’ll admit now what kicked off my idea for a series on daily happiness was having my car parked in the garage. No, this is not an April fools joke. Both of the last two Winters, I’ve been grateful for a garage. The first Winter we had in our house, it snowed a lot more […]

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