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Monthly Archives: March 2018

Never is the Right Time

I hear occasionally someone mention waiting until the right time to do something. Sometimes they wait to face a responsibility. Sometimes they wait to try something new. In either case, it is often that “the right time” is code for “I’m not going to face this right now.” It’s ok to wait sometimes. I wait […]

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Graceful Ownership

Actor Will Smith posted a video about a conversation he had with a friend regarding fault versus responsibility. The idea is that while some problems may not be a person’s fault, it may still be that person’s responsibility to change things or correct things. See Will Smith’s video on Facebook This made me think about […]

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Daily Happiness

I plan to share some things that make me happy in different ways from time to time in this ongoing series about daily happiness. I won’t be sharing about happiness on a daily level. I call it daily happiness, because I want it to be about things or people I have around me in my […]

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Starting to Become Your Whole Self

I’ve been reading the book The Upside of Your Dark Side by Todd Kashadan, Ph.D., and Robert Biswas-Diner, Dr. Philos. The essential message is that if we suppress our unwanted feelings, such as anger or sadness, we actually get less from life. The book includes research about emotional suppression and cultural comparisons. It draws conclusions […]

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