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Monthly Archives: January 2018

Authenticity in a relationship

One of the hardest things to do when we meet someone is to be authentic, or be ourselves. From online dating profiles to blind dates, we tend to feel on guard. We try to sell ourselves, for lack of a better phrase, and hope the right person wants what we have to offer. That means […]

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Connection in a relationship

I’ve seen many online profiles in my dating career. Of course, the thing I looked for is where we could connect and maybe share something of common interest. Obviously, the more we could share, the more we would have to talk about on a first date. It was always interesting to see the variety of […]

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My guide to a healthy relationship

I think we’re all curious about what makes a relationship healthy. We may think healthy and happy are the same thing. If you’re happy in your relationship, then you’re relationship is healthy. However, that seems too simple. Also, it puts a very judgmental light on disagreement in a relationship and assumes that disagreement isn’t healthy. […]

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A Lot of Answers Gush Forth

We arrived on the morning of the fourth day, October 1, 2015. We gathered in our waiting as we had all the other mornings. We waited as we had waited before. It wasn’t long, though, when the bailiff brought us back into the court room. We all sat down in our chairs and waited for […]

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