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Monthly Archives: December 2017

Testimony That’s Like Pulling Teeth

At the end of the second day, the plaintiff called their witness. He was a trial attorney with over 20 years experience. Of course, he supported the interpretation that the arbitration clause was sound and should have been followed. The plaintiff also walked through several other possible interpretations and previous cases namely to establish what […]

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Home Sweet Home…Broken

By the end of the first day and into the second day of jury duty, we learned a lot about the prior case that brought us to this dispute of claimed “attorney negligence.” A home owner couple sought financial relief from the home builder after finding some decently significant problems with their newly built home. […]

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The Case of the Selected Jurors

Selection took nearly a whole day. When I entered the court room, I joined about 60 other people on mildly tolerable wooden benches. The first twelve sat in the jury box. At first, there were some general questions asked of all of us. They were things like, “will this be a hardship for anyone?” No […]

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Getting the Call to Jury Duty

I actually don’t mind jury duty. I don’t want to be away from work for several weeks doing it. However, I find it fascinating that neighbors judge the final verdict in a case. It’s a system many people fought for, some of whom died for, and now, we must honor it by adding our own […]

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