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Monthly Archives: September 2017

Sporadic Updates

I am working on some creative writing projects offline, so I will be blogging pretty sporadically. I hope to return to blogging and share more about digital and natural discoveries as well as some other life stories.

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Supplements to Support My Health

I used to be fully against taking supplements. It’s not that I felt they were useless. I just wanted to make sure my diet provided what I needed. However, I’ve changed my mind recently. I know there are still gaps in my nutrient intake despite eating healthier than before. In fact, I think what I […]

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Drinking to My Health

I used to drink pop all the time. It was really all that I drank every day. There finally came a point when I had some minor health problems I realized was coming from drinking a particular pop. I managed to stop drinking it, but I didn’t stop drinking pop. Ever since then, it’s been […]

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Sugar Is the Dietary Devil

I struggle with sugar consumption, even though I am convinced it is essentially the dietary devil. It tastes so good sometimes. I used to drink soda all the time, but I’ve been working on getting it out of my diet. I replaced soda with kombucha thanks to a friend who suggested I try it. Well, […]

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Every Generation Must Grow

Managing failure is not just a personal problem. It is a social one. Every generation must learn the same lessons of every generation before it and every generation after it. Every generation must make mistakes and with them grow into something more. This means that we have to accept that every generation will fail from […]

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