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Monthly Archives: December 2014

Creating the Enemy (Why We Need Opposition)

People need to believe in evil to explain why things don’t always work. No one wants to believe that if they’re good, they don’t succeed all the time. Of course, that means there must be evil in the world working against the good. And poof! We have ourselves the beginning of good versus evil. Shadow […]

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All the Pieces of Me (or How Cells Come Together)

It’s interesting to think about how our bodies represent who we are as people in both individuality and community. We’re all built from a single cell at the beginning and then grow into a community of cells. It seems fitting given that as a species, we’re all so similar, and we collect into communities of […]

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Tooth Extraction Detachment

Going to the dentist epitomizes confronting fear for your own good. This is a story of my dental history and how it’s taught me what detachment is about. I’ve gone from hating the dentist to at least enjoying the fact that I do a lot better with my teeth now. It wasn’t until I had […]

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Six Kinds of Problems We Have to Solve

We face problems all the time, and these problems can create stress. Stress can threaten our serenity on a daily basis, depending on what kind of problems we face (see link below to post on stress). However, if we can identify our problems and approach them with some awareness, we stand a better chance of keeping our […]

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