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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Three Types of Partner Love

Recently, I realized I’m experiencing a whole new kind of love that is gentle and subtle. I thought about it more and wondered about how it compares to other types of love that a person can experience (and that I’ve experienced). Some of it seemed more like desire than love. Love for a potential partner […]

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It’s Party Time on Your Home Page

Who do you introduce yourself to at a party? If you’re an introvert, the answer is no one. However, even introverts can spot something interesting when another person at the party reveals it. Maybe that other person wears a shirt that says “Let me kill you with my Shakespeare” and BAM! You, the introvert, go […]

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Measuring Your Emotions

We can manage stress by learning how to bring ourselves out of intense emotions (see link below to post about stress). Whether we like the feelings we experience or not, we need to be careful about how our feelings impact our stress levels. If we experience strong emotions for a long enough time, we may […]

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Stress: The Threat to Serenity

If serenity is the goal of spirituality, then stress is the threat to that goal. Serenity is the balance and oneness that allows people to function best (see link below to post on serenity). We get knocked off balance and fragmented as problems pile up and demand focused attention. Then we feel stress. However, we […]

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The Problem of an Open Mind

Telling someone (or several someones) that they aren’t “open minded” can be just as judgmental as any other assessment. I agree that it’s important that people show willingness to consider different views. It’s also important to remember that scrutiny and critique are valuable as well. If we abandon what works too quickly, we may actually […]

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