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Monthly Archives: October 2014

A Thoughtful Argument

One of the hardest things to do sometimes is it make a clear point when other people say things that aggravate you. When the Internet first came around and people held conversations online, there were the ever proliferating “flame wars”. It continues in comments on blogs, Facebook discussions, Twitter posts and so on. These kinds […]

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Tuning In to Nature’s Signals

I think we’ve lost a lot by distancing ourselves so much from nature and trying to recreate life as human beings. Here are the things I’ve done to start my journey back into getting in touch with nature. Learning to¬†Wake With the Sun The best part of going to university was being able to get […]

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Creating Social Serenity (or My Spiritual Mission)

Individually, serenity must be internal to the individual, but in society serenity must be among individuals. We have to think about how we can create serenity together. The process inside us is similar to the process among us, but primarily it is about becoming whole, the fourth of my list of four aspects of Practicing […]

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Some New Lines for the Serenity Prayer

The serenity prayer is a great way to think about how to approach life from a spiritual perspective. I wrote a while back about serenity as the goal of all spirituality and listed four specific applications of spirituality that help create serenity (see link below). The serenity prayer speaks of the flexibility to address life’s […]

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