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Monthly Archives: August 2014

Growing My Interest for Gardening

I didn’t grow up with any interest in plants (not even house plants), but thanks to my interest in cooking, I finally took up the task of tending to plants in my own tiny plot. Getting Set Up I never intended to have a garden in my tiny patio space right outside my North facing, […]

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First Sentences and First Impressions

The first sentence in your piece of writing is your chance to help and hook your reader. Readers immediately start setting their expectations with the first words they see on the page. If you learn to develop your skill at informing, persuading or hooking them with a story, you’ll be that much better at writing […]

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Big Business That’s Bad Business

The promise of capitalism is that unrestricted competition leads to the highest quality of goods at the lowest price all to benefit the community. So what happens when a business doesn’t want to compete anymore? Well, you end up losing the very benefit that capitalism is supposed to provide and end up in anti-capitalism. Let’s […]

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What’s so Funny? Having a Sense of Humor

Ever wonder why something is funny or what a sense of humor is? Humor may feel mysterious, but I think it’s fairly easy to understand why some people find something funny and others don’t. It’s also easy to understand how come the wiser among us can laugh more readily at themselves while those who are […]

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