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Monthly Archives: July 2014

How to Get Cooking in the Kitchen

My first love of nature comes from food, and my first truly enjoyable hobby it cooking. Food is really many people’s love of nature, although cooking is something many people don’t “know” how to do. Luckily, there’s a way to gain some skill. I put myself on a project to learn how to cook after […]

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A Tale of Two Stories and Three Keys to Storytelling

Stories (especially stories in blog posts) require a few necessary elements in order to stay relevant and engaging. They must make a statement, connect to it a few times while proceeding and really drive that statement home in the end. If they don’t stick with a single statement, stories end up meandering by distracting, boring […]

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This is Today: My Journey From Frustration to Surrender

The following is a short story about a work commute that included so many frustrations I had to finally surrender to the absurdity of my task. I awoke with a slight hangover from drinking a couple glasses of wine the night before. I thought little of it since it disappeared after two glasses of water, […]

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