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Being Embodied (Meditation)

I practiced my “it’s all connected” technique the next day and managed to increase the amount of time I stayed in open focus. As I did that, I felt a new sensation. A tingle came over my body: in my arms, in my back, up my neck, down my thighs. I realized I had rejected […]

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It’s All Connected (Meditation)

As I meditated more recently, I noticed that I didn’t need to hop around, so to speak, to notice my breath, my heartbeat, my body posture or the black space behind my eyes as separate things. I realized all of these things were interconnected. The space held the air I breathed, so I was connected […]

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Four Tips For Effective Meditation

When I started meditation with my Muse, I really didn’t know what to expect. I meditated before without the Muse, but I didn’t know what was helpful during meditation. It’s taken several sessions to figure out what it means to let my thoughts go and focus on my breath, and it has been very much […]

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The Attention Crisis (and Meditation)

Without a doubt, people have lost control of attention. This is nearly all of us. We are distracted by daily chores, unhealthy relationships, complicated obligations, hunger, negative news, sensationalist entertainment and computers in the palm of our hand. Indeed, there are many problems to address on a daily basis, so it’s no wonder why we […]

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