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Tarot and Readings

I’ve used Tarot since I was 16 and have incorporated my knowledge of human experience from psychology and cultural anthropology. I’ve researched the origins of Tarot, the Kabbalah and Sefer Yetzirah, to comprehend the meaning of the cards and transform the messages within them.

Types of readings

I focus on exploratory Tarot and use the cards to discuss what’s going on in your life. There may be some predictive quality to the reading, but I like to examine the situation with choices rather than establish a fateful outcome.

I have three types of readings based on complexity and situation.

Simple readings are $10 and use only 3 cards. They are quick and can help bring ideas to the surface in the shortest amount of time.

Comparison readings are $20 and use 6 cards. These are best for considering two choices or looking at two situations side-by-side.

Analysis readings are $30 and use 9 cards. These help me take a bit of time to examine the situation in more complex ways and consider how different parts of the situation play off each other. This can facilitate a deeper discussion.

I accept cash and cards for readings.

Spirituality, self and wholeness

I focus on helping you understand why you do what you do and hopefully how to live a more virtuous life. Part of this includes talking about who you are and how to live so your gifts are appreciated and shared. Part of this includes talking about how you might live more virtuously rather than obsess about comforts.

Scheduling readings

I am available for individual readings or readings for parties and groups usually during evenings and on weekends.

For individuals, I host reading sessions one Saturday a month at Serenity Shop at 6063 NE Glisan in Portland. I have office space available in Portland as well for other times, but I am willing to meet elsewhere.

For parties or groups, we can discuss the option of directly charging per reading or if there is a flat fee for the entire event.

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