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I’ve always been spiritual, but I’ve only recently embraced it with courage. I remember now that I resented life early on. I wanted to escape it, because it seemed too cruel. I hated that I had to live with the consequences of other people’s choices and actions. Escape seemed the only possible way to manage. Of course it never really worked, but I persisted. Then, I discovered occult mysticism, or what others may call paganism or magic.

Practices like Tarot, Astrology and Numerology attracted me. I thought there might be a way to get a handle on life through them. Originally, I hoped they had power I lacked and would make life more manageable. I hoped they could help me manifest a better life, one free from the cruelty of others. In a sense, I got some of my wish.

Over the many years, I’ve revisited these practices, and since 2011, I’ve really embraced Tarot and Numerology. It’s taken a while to dive back into them and explore them to the degree I appreciate. However, they have helped me see life differently and adopt a non-denominational understanding of spirituality. Instead of trying to escape life, I now understand how to make life what better, how to face down cruelty and accept that life includes unhappiness if not also threats.

My current spiritual path is to share my views with others and move the world toward a better sense of spirit. I hope we can all find common ground in shared virtues. I hope we can all grow together and address problems in a respectful manner. I go forward with firm resistance to hateful and vicious behavior, an open and supportive spirit to those struggling to achieve quality of life and commitment to doing better myself no matter how many times I’ve failed already or may fail trying to make the world a more virtuous place to be.

The Spiritual DoorwayWhat is spirituality?

I think many see spirituality as belief in a higher power, superstitions or something specifically about spirits as an object. However, I think the answer to this question starts with answering the question “what are spiritual needs?” The answer I come up with to that question is that our main spiritual need is to have a relationship with life itself. In a sense, it is answering the question around what the purpose of life is. However we answer that question, or whatever kind of relationship we have with life itself, as if it were a person to interact with, that becomes the basis for our own spirituality.

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Mindfulness for truth

I practice mindfulness as much as possible. That includes noticing my thoughts and feelings all day, every day, to make sure I know why I think and feel the way I do. This requires dedication to the truth of my experience as well as the truth of others’ experiences. I love scientific inquiry and objective study of humanity for the insights they bring to how things work. It is important to pursue these methods of study to become more than we are today.

Acceptance for love

If you wonder what life’s purpose is from my view, I say that life’s purpose is to teach acceptance. We don’t have to accept everything that exists, but there are many ways we resist life, resist the truth just because we don’t like what there is. Death, for example, feels like a bad thing no matter the circumstances, but when we truly understand its role, we are able to grieve with appreciation for the role death has as a natural experience.

Growth for serenity

I use the serenity prayer as my guiding principle to balance making an effort to change things with accepting how life is designed. As a result, I realized we are always growing, and there will never be an end to that growth. Our openness to life’s experiences bring the best possible hope for continual peace and joy, and we grow best from more experience rather than less. If ones goal is to avoid problems, then one is hopelessly lost in a sea of disappointment. On the other hand, if ones goal is to grow from every challenge and trial, then one has the best possible chance at finding true happiness in life.

The Hermit Card from the Tarot deckResonance, the key to connection

Along with these ideals, I also believe in a resonant connection among all things. This underpins my study and practice of Tarot, numerology and related practices. Resonance includes things like intention, creative visualization, laws of attraction and concepts like, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”