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Shaming the Superficial

It doesn’t feel good to be judged, especially for something superficial. We have our natural hair color and eye color. We have our body type. We have our skin color. We also have our manner of speaking, how we move and what we wear on our bodies. None of these indicate our intelligence, loyalty, honesty, dedication or any other qualities we might have beneath the surface.

However, all of us look at the world and notice the superficial. We notice colors and shapes. We notice regularity and chaos. We notice size and odor. We are sensual beings, and we use our senses to get to know the world around us. Our senses teach us or at least help us make connections. They also stimulate us, for better or worse.

It is just as harmful to exclude the superficial as it is to focus on it exclusively. Excluding the superficial denies our physical experience. It rejects our senses. It can compromise our happiness if we can’t enjoy life on a physical level. Likewise, we must learn to sense what is beneath the surface. Although beauty and pleasure are nice, trust, security and harmony are nice too. Also, beauty can be found in many ways and through many means. A first reaction may not stay if we let ourselves stop and take in more than immediate impressions.

In our journey to a whole self, we must learn how to balance our senses with our hearts. We must be open to what is pleasant and what is caring. We must include all the parts of who we are and create a place where we can bring out the best in people in all ways.

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