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Seeing Through The Brain Fog (Meditation)

I don’t think I ever knew what brain fog was until I started meditating daily. Even now, I can’t be entirely sure I know what it is. However, as you can see from the data (image below), I had a low point between two high points. That day, I had a very hard time meditating. I think I was actually sick and struggling against some cold.

I barely felt anything in my body, but that day, I was tired and restless at the same time. I also felt a slight tickle in my throat, a typical sign that I am getting sick. As soon as I meditated the next day, I realized something had definitely been off. I hadn’t done anything else that might have set me off either: no caffeine, slept pretty well the night before, ate as I usually do, etc. Sometimes, things are just a little foggy.

Nov 13th and 15th I spent a lot of time in Calm Time while the 14th was not so much.

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