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Graceful Ownership

Actor Will Smith posted a video about a conversation he had with a friend regarding fault versus responsibility. The idea is that while some problems may not be a person’s fault, it may still be that person’s responsibility to change things or correct things.

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This made me think about how fault and responsibility come together with the serenity prayer. In my post, I suggested not all things need to change, but for this conversation, it’s important to think about how serenity and responsibility come together.

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I think serenity and responsibility come together to become graceful ownership. By gathering the courage to change what we can and recognize when we cannot change something, we develop grace in how we approach problems. The desire to make changes or maintain what is working well is what creates ownership.

In this particular series, I plan to share my observations about situations that incorporate the judgment and action regarding graceful ownership. Some posts may explore personal or daily interactions. Other posts may turn to society and examine opportunities to act with graceful ownership in our communities.

I hope you enjoy this series as I begin and continue this discussion on this important idea.


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