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Web Content Strategy

It’s about conversation management. How do you talk to other people about what you do? How do you stay involved and relevant? How do you coordinate that conversation across multiple properties? How do you go from talking to action?

Clarifying the point

You need to know where in the conversation your website or other properties start and where they should end. You only speak to those points that make sense within that plan. Just like in a real conversation, you say as little as you can to make your point. Lastly, you make sure that every point you make leads to the next part of the conversation somehow.

Staying relevant

You need to update your webpages according to how the conversation changes. It’s that simple. If there’s something new from a competitor, you need to assess changes. If you’re making a change, you need to assess changes. If the people you’re reaching out to start talking about things differently, you need to assess changes. It’s important you monitor all parts of the conversation, from competitors, to internal personnel, to your audience to make sure you align with it all.

Managing all channels

The only reason to have any content or channel out there is because it is where the conversation takes place the best for some reason. It’s not about popularity. It’s about giving your audience a way to connect better with you. Each channel, like mobile browsers, mobile applications, social media services, blogs and even offline channels, must contribute to a coordinated conversation, each one with its own unique role to play. If you don’t have a clear picture of these channels, you’re going to look like a bumbling fool with two left feet on the conversational dance floor, so to speak.

Guiding toward action

You likely have some end goal in mind, and your conversation should always guide people toward that goal. They can choose to navigate the path however they want, but you should create a clear, easily followed path toward your goal. You don’t have to fool anyone. You just speak to them, and suggest the next most relevant part of the conversation.

So that’s web content strategy in as brief a statement as possible. If you haven’t already read it, check out my Web Maturity Model.

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