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I’m a conversational introvert. I like my alone time, but I also like talking to people one-on-one. Also, I’ve given trainings and presentations, both of which suit me.


As an introvert, it’s taken a while to get some conversation techniques down. I haven’t made much effort before, at least not in group settings. However, in more recent years, I’ve developed some skill in probing into what people are willing to say about themselves. I also have my own questions I like to use to get a little insight into people. I find people enjoy these questions, and they really help take conversations further. It’s helped me connect with total strangers at parties and expand my social connections.

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I am a content strategist for website content. My particular tasks include analyzing visitor data and examining web pages to see if I can improve messaging.

I think of website content strategy as conversation strategy. That includes making your site relevant to audiences, making your site easy to find, updating your messages as the conversation evolves and coordinating different places where you might connect to the overall conversation you’re trying to have with people online.

I’ve posted some of my thoughts here, so feel free to check it out.

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I love different languages. I find their differences fascinating. If I could get into learning languages as a paid job, I would do it immediately. The different sets of sounds interest me. The overall grammar from different language families interest me. The colloquial phrases interest me. Every language I learn teaches me more about English and makes me a better communicator overall.

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