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Site Use

All content shared on Dedrick Ink ( is original content owned by Dedrick Ink unless credit is given for another source. Dedrick Ink follows the Creative Commons license CC BY-NC. This applies only to content on this site, and not to any copies of any work posted to other sites or provided by other sources with Dedrick Ink logos or identification. Content with Dedrick Ink logos or identification in the original format posted to other sites or provided by other sources follows standard copyright privileges unless otherwise noted by the site or source policy.

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Dedrick Ink ( allows comments on blog posts for a limited period of time. Comments posted within that time remain on the blog post. Dedrick Ink reserves the right to delete comments anywhere Dedrick Ink uses commenting features, including social media sites or other sites where Dedrick Ink has a presence.

Dedrick Ink will typically preserve thoughtful comments or supportive feedback. However, insults, threats or similar comments may be deleted.

Visitors who comment in conversation agree to respectful dialogue with Dedrick Ink, any other commenter or potential commenter in a conversation.

Privacy policy

No information collected by form or direct communication with Dedrick Ink is shared with anyone beyond the Dedrick Ink team. It is only used for Dedrick Ink content and services. Anyone who comments on a blog post or wherever Dedrick Ink uses commenting features agrees to identify themselves in their comments.

Visitor data

The Dedrick Ink site collects anonymous visitor data to better understand visitor interests and provide better content and services. Website browsers have settings that allow visitors to block data collection. Visitors may consult browser settings help from browser companies to block data collection. Visitors who arrive at this site without using data collection blocking or who choose a browser without data collection blocking ability when they visit this site agree to visitor data collection about their anonymous use of the Dedrick Ink site.

Dedrick Ink keeps visitor data for up to 26 months from the current date to facilitate current year and previous year comparison.

Visitors may use the contact form to ask about any of this information or report a concern.